Chara Daouti leads our Privacy Protection, TMT, marketing and advertising and Intellectual Property practices. She provides both litigation-related (contentious) and strategic commercial advice to clients in a wide range of industry sectors, from emerging technology start-ups and platforms to established banks and regulated institutions, helping them to protect their interests and achieve their objectives.

Chara works at the frontier of evolving law in Greece, particularly in the fields of internet law and social media, and recently explored the intersection between privacy law and employees’ rights. She also has broad experience in matters of traditional employment law.

Areas of expertise

Chara is an accomplished litigator, with wide-ranging experience covering disputes arising in all of her specialisms. She represents clients in Court in cases covering liability for content published online, defamation and IP disputes, among many other matters.

Chara successfully defended a global internet platform in a first-of-its-kind case heard before the Greek Courts over the liability for video content uploaded by users, resulting in the Court rejecting the claim against the platform in its entirety.

Among her other notable cases, Chara won a critical hearing in an ongoing defamation case brought by Greek politician Theodore Katsanevas against Greek-Wikipedia-user and administrator Diu. Following the successful outcome of the case, the Wikimedia Foundation, through its legal counsel Michelle Paulson, publicly thanked Chara Daouti for her tireless defense of Diu.

Chara successfully defends employers in wrongful termination cases for claims brought by former employees on the basis of privacy violations.

She also represents technology companies in regulatory investigations conducted by the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (DPA) and the Hellenic Authority for Communication Security and Privacy (ADAE).

Notable Litigation and Dispute Resolution cases

Representative experience:

  • Won a critical hearing in a defamation case, prompted by the #MeToo movement in Greece, brought by a well-known Greek actor against Google for the removal of allegedly defamatory content uploaded online, regarding the commission by him of sexual offences against his female coworkers.
  • Successfully represented Google in a case over the removal of allegedly defamatory content and personal data from the internet by a doctor who was claimed to have been leading a double life, including committing bigamy.
  • Successfully represented Google in a preliminary injunction case for the association of personal data on sex criminal offences against a minor.
  • Represented Google before the Court of First Instance of Athens and the DPA in a case over a removal request submitted by an Archbishop on the basis of the right to be forgotten (i.e. the right for the removal of content from search services on the basis of the GDPR as defined in the Costeja European Court decision) for allegedly defamatory content published online by users.
  • Successfully represented Google before the courts in the resolution of a preliminary injunction request by a Greek user for the disclosure of information and the removal of websites and posts on YouTube.
  • Acted as the lead counsel for Google, the leading US search engine, on a litigation case regarding removal requests filed by an Appellate Court Judge.
  • Advised Google, the leading US search engine, on how to handle a case regarding a famous YouTube channel resulting in the early resolution of the dispute.

Chara focuses on complex transactions and multi-party project work, and advises on the development, protection and use of intellectual property and technology-related assets for emerging-technology clients ranging from start-ups to global giants. She has deep industry experience, providing practical advice and innovative solutions on cloud services, e-commerce, cyber security and IP development.

Chara advised Cardlink SA, a major IT company in the payment systems business, in negotiating a multi-party contract structure for the deployment of a unified POS platform for the Greek banking sector.

She also provides sophisticated advice in relation to the regulatory framework on telecommunications infrastructure, GPS solutions and novel services in various industries.

Chara also handles numerous removals requests filed by Greek individuals and represents Google in its court disputes. This year she successfully defended preliminary injunctions filed by well-known journalists, artists and several politicians and businessmen.

In the fields of marketing and advertising, she works with global consumer brands, advising them on how to follow the regulatory rules that govern advertising and marketing campaign activation, advertising content production, and marketing and sponsorship deal negotiation.

In the field of privacy law, Chara advises Google, Athenian Brewery and Procter & Gamble on data protection compliance issues, particularly regarding novel products, the processing of consumer data, international data transfers and disclosure requests. She advises sharing economy platforms prior to launch of their services and handles numerous DPA cases following complaints by data subjects.

She was recently appointed as Data Protection Officer (DPO) for three major clients: IASO Group of Companies (Group of clinics based in Athens and Larisa), the Hellenic Distribution Network Operator (DEDDIE) and Athenian Brewery (Heineken Group).

She also regularly advises the clients in complex privacy issues negotiating with employees’ representatives, launches of new products (privacy by design) and privacy impact assessments.

The core areas of her expertise include audits and data mapping, compliance programs and policies, data subjects and employees’ rights, data-loss prevention and data breaches.

Highlights of Chara’s IP practice include defending the heir of the most prominent contemporary Greek architect in a legal action for alleged claims over the architect’s collection of works. Chara secured a major victory in preserving the architect’s archive for our client.

In another IP case, Chara successfully defended Blue Star Ferries, one of the largest shipping companies in Greece, with the Court rejecting a petition filed by a collecting society organization for enforcing related rights.

Chara has also extensive experience in defending cases for levies and claims for remuneration requested by CMOs from internet service providers and major entertainment platforms.

Chara advises clients in negotiations with employees’ representatives including trade unions and work councils on the implementation of corporate policies, new technologies in the workplace as well as regarding employees’ notifications upon transfer of undertakings.

Chara successfully defended Court cases arising from claims for alleged wrongful termination of employment, violation of employment benefits provisions and overtime payments.

She regularly advises clients in drafting employment contracts, negotiating managers’ termination contracts and transfer of benefits provisions following major corporate transactions.

Notable Employment cases

Representative experience:

  • Advised one of the leading manufacturers of mobile products and accessories, in the fields of commercial and employment law in view of the Company’s expansion in Greece.

Notable TMT Litigation cases

  • Successfully advised Google on a critical hearing in a defamation case, which was a result of the #MeToo movement in Greece, brought by a well-known Greek actor against Google for the removal of allegedly defamatory content uploaded online, regarding the commission by him of sexual offences against his female coworkers.
  • Successfully advised Google on in a preliminary injunction over liability for content published online by users for a famous Greek cardiologist and Professor of Medicine.
  • Successfully advised Google on a case regarding the request of an archbishop to remove a number of YouTube videos, which, according to the Claimant, violated his personality rights as the videos were posted without his consent.
  • Successfully advised Google on a defamation case, in which the Claimant alleged that defamatory content appeared on web search in relation to a sex crime.
  • Successfully advised Google in a challenging case in which the Claimant requested that Google is ordered to disclose information in relation to YouTube.
  • Advised Hedno, the electricity network provider, on how best to manage hundreds of requests, made by data subjects, for access to files or objections to data processing.

Notable DPO Services cases

  • Advised SAKA, the Athens College Alumni Association, for the conclusion of contracts, agreements and NDA’s.

Notable Data Protection/Privacy/IP cases

  • Advised Google on a daily basis in responding to users’ requests for removal of content, including on the basis of the “right to be forgotten”, defamation and copyright/trade mark infringement. We also provide advice on commercial and marketing issues such as clearing new projects.
  • Advised Google in cases before the Greek Data Protection Authority, the Consumer Secretariat and other Authorities. We have also provided clearance on various aspects of dozens of products launches.
  • Advised Procter & Gamble on issues related to marketing and advertisements from a regulatory and consumer law perspective, ensuring launches of new products such as ZZZQuil.
  • Advised Sony Electronics, on copyright issues relating to music rights and in negotiations with the Greek collective management organisations. The copyright issues that arise are often complex, involving a variety of different rights and different organisations, and frequently concern large sums.
  • Advised Cardlink S.A. in its various agreements, especially following 2021’s landmark development in the acquiring business in Greece (Nexi and Wordline entering the Greek market).
  • Advised Cardlink S.A. on the creation of an innovation hub. We are providing wide-ranging and proactive advice in response to the client’s needs.
  • Advised Miele Hellas on privacy matters related to marketing policies and to communications addressed to consumers. We advise Miele in all its corporate, commercial transactions as well as to dispute resolution issues.
  • Advised Athenian Brewery S.A. on spanning IP licenses, data transfer, new services, competition and marketing. We also undertake data protection officer (DPO) services for the company.
  • Advised Baker McKenzie on Greek law issues relating to matters including employment, e-signature, technology contracts and marketing agreements on behalf of various international clients.
  • Advised Goodyear Tyres on commercial and contract law issues and other matters relating to data protection and employment law in Greece.
  • Advised one of the leading healthcare groups in Greece, on the digitization and operation of patients’ electronic medical files. These need to comply and align with evolving Greek legislation related to electronic signatures and the electronic storage of medical files.
  • Advised one of the leading manufacturers of mobile products and accessories, in the fields of commercial and employment law in view of expansion in Greece.
  • Advised the leading provider of network payment services, in the negotiations with SIA S.A. in regard to all matters, including confidentiality of information processing upon electronic payments.

Notable M&A cases

Private Equity and other Financial Investors

  • Advised Piraeus Bank on its carve out and subsequent sale of its card payments and merchant acquiring business to Euronet Worldwide, and the formation of an exclusive long-term sales and distribution partnership for a total of €300m.

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  • Athens Bar Association
  • New York Bar Association
  • LLM, New York University School of Law (2005)
  • DESS, Paris V Rene Descartes University School of Law (2003)
  • LLB, School of Law, University of Athens (2002)

"Chara Daouti is noted for her strength in commercial contracts and has considerable experience in representing clients in the technology sector. She is dual-qualified in Greece and the USA."

Chara Daouti is "very knowledgeable and very detailed." She has a strong track record acting for blue-chip IT companies on contentious proceedings. She also has experience advising a range of clients on data protection issues, with one source saying that she is "becoming a really good name in the GDPR space."
Chambers Europe

Lambadarios Law Firm has a strong pedigree in advising major IT, telecoms and media companies on their regulatory and disputes issues. GDPR advice and "right to be forgotten" issues have both featured on the workload. Chara Daouti leads the team.
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